Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outlast - NJ Straight Edge Hardcore

 The positivity and intensity of straight edge hardcore... nothing in the world can beat it for me. Sometimes I am so perplexed by life I don't can't even begin explain stuff to suss out if I am positive or negative, if I am a good or a bad person. But this music surely speaks to me and surely makes my life seem better. It fills me with strength, energy and hope.

Outlast, New Jersey Hardcore... I am at the other side of the world but this music is for me and my friends and every kid. It speaks in volumes. I just wish that one day I will be able to give straight edge something in return.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Straight Edge is RnR

In a world where drinking, smoking and acting like wannabe rockstars is the norm, straight edge IS the rebellion. Some 31 years after its inception, you still can't beat this way of life... You still hate it and you can't really tell why. Maybe because you can't be it. It's all about the black sheep who gets ahead. We kept the good and we threw away the bad. Straight edge is rock n roll.