Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carnivore Christian? - No, Thanks! (an Easter Special post)

I can openly say that I don't have a problem with faith. I believe it is totally normal and that each person is entitled to choose their faith according to what they want. I really don't care about the general atheist consensus in hardcore punk (and especially vegan straight edge) scenes. I believe in freedom of choice, and I know that faith/religion can indeed help some people lead better lives.

What I surely cannot accept is religion closing it eyes to the abuse of animals in such an organized and exploitative way. I just really hate how every religion has so much in common with stupid animal-eating customs and traditions, Easter being the biggest example of it all. How can something that is supposed to have a deep spiritual meaning of love and life, be so closely tied to murder of innocent animals?

My question may sound childish and self-evident, but if that is the case, why do we continue to consume animal meat and byproducts with such gladness? Face it, Christian (or even Buddhist/New Age religion follower): you are perpetuating a culture of death! Your faith is inhumane and filled with cruelty!

So please reconsider your actions and think about going vegan!!