Saturday, September 5, 2015

Black & Green Interview with Rod Coronado

Black and Green Review is a cool site that (as the name indicates) deals with all things vegan, anarchist and feral. They go with the motto "wild existence - passionate resistance", so you know it's all good.

I discovered B&GR through a really interesting interview called "the Resilience of the Wild - talking and Stalking Wolves with rod Coronado". As everything that has to do with the activist legend, the interview definitely worth checking it out, and the site as a whole is another pillar in the ever-growing vegan activist movement.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Earth Crisis - "Destroy the Machines"

Hey hey.

Earth Crisis "Destroy the Machines" is considered by many to be the true vegan straight edge bible. Since its release in 1995 (that's 20 years), it has been inspiring hordes of vegan sxe hardcore kids worldwide, militant vegans, animal rights activists etc. And, well, one thing's for sure: "Destroy the Machines" and xECx will be here long after all your cool friends have broken edge and started eating meat or animal products.

Therefore I think it's elementary to put it up here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Should I remind you that this blog is not intented to be another 'download' blog. Far from it. Downloads are meant to promote the bands and the labels that release the music that I consider important for the vegan straight edge movement.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Update & Seven Generations "To See The End"

Yo People! Just so you know, this blog ain't dead. I'm just leaving it here for people to find another resource on veganism and straight edge, while I am doing some other things. But of course my heart and mind are still dedicated to the fight for total liberation, and I will update and upload stuff whenever I can.

Here is a download for Sevem Generations' "To See The End", one of the most important Vegan SXE albums out there.