Thursday, March 28, 2013

Milk Effin Sucks!

I see it every day... people just don't want to accept the truth about milk & its products.

Well I guess we vegans will have to bombard pus drinkers with the facts on why it is bad for their health, if the cruelty imposed on animals doesn't convince them.

Wake the fuck up, drop that glass of milk pus and start indulging in the awesome dairy-free products which are growingly available in most food stores!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Fuck You to the Armchair Revolutionary

I haven't posted here in a good while but man, I gotta get some things off my chest.

Another fashion statement for punks?
I am so sick and tired of all this talk about liberation from people who don't live it, let alone from some who are not even vegan! How can these people sit down and write all these long articles about 'total', humyn and animal liberation... and then still have fucking everything they eat with cheese and milk in it? This is truly pathetic.

What fucking good will another armchair revolutionary do to the vegan struggle? All this theoretical talk about anarchy and veganism, preaching to the converted just won't cut it anymore. It's useless. I am not saying I am fighting the oppressors in the trenches every fucking night so I keep my mouth shut and don't pretend to be some righteous PC warrior king. Moreoever, I know one thing: the world won't change with pamphlets and opinions on the struggle, it will change (if it ever will) by example. And in short, this is what we need: more examples of solid vegan lifestyles!

Some people just don't get it. They don't care about the truth, they just wanna live the dream, and in their minds they are some great anarchist activists, fighting the system from their bedroom behind their computer. Oh how I wish for their fantasy to be crushed... and it surely will be!

p.s. And don't get me wrong. Education is awesome, but there are many sources on veganism and liberation as it is. What we actually need is action and lives changed!!!