Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vivisect... the Bastards!

Anyone fond of anarcho-punk? Or maybe anarcho-metal?

I am sure this band isn't straight edge by no means, but if you have a demo titled Vivisect the Bastards, well goddamn... You deserve a mention and some thumbs up!

Vivisect is from Houston, US, and they have put out 2 demos of awesome, vegan anarcho metal. No d-beat here, just (Profane Existence type) punk/metal for your pleasure!!!

The 2nd demo feature here has an awesome title once again: This Ain't Peace Punk, We Mean War. The vocals are harder and the production dirtier than before!

This band makes me think of fun times spent in squats, biking, reading cheaply-printed zines and that whole sort of thing (even though the anarcho-punk is not where I personally belong)!

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