Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stronger than Ever (& Path of Resistance "Against the Gale")

Wow... it often seems so easy to get caught up in the daily struggle and forget about why you're doing what you're doing. When you do something for too long, you can end up forgeting why you're doing it. For me also it's like, sometimes I almost forget I am vegan and straight edge and kind of take for granted what this commitment represents. Every day is full of work, spinning the wheel like everyone else and of course dealing with people who are neither vegan or (definitely not) straight edge. Surrounded by broken heroes and apathetic machines, yes, sometimes it is easy to forget who you are.

However I've found since long ago that the motivation to stay passionately drug free and vegan does come and go in waves. It's just how it goes. I mean, being vegan sxe is just who I am now, but it is always good be really psyched about the whole vegan sxe ideal. And the best thing is when, at some point in your everyday routine, you remember once again why you're here. And what a great thing the vegan straight edge is. I love the feeling you suddenly get when a hardcore record brings back all the motivation of  why you made your choices. When this happens, a record is not just a record anymore, but a whole idea, a whole way of life, it brings back all the reasons why you're here and why you're making the commitment.

I am too old to be excited all the time, I guess. I've seen to many people turn their backs not only to veganism and/or straight edge but also hardcore (which is supposed to be the very essence). And that's not cool. But I feel so lucky that I can touch base every now and then, and have all those records bring that awesome feeI guess the songs say it better than I do.That's what actually picks me up and throws me back in the fight again.
For sure, the songs say it better than I do. Hardcore can give you the strength toovercome all the troubles and reinstate you faith! And those lyrics just sup up the way that I feel...

AGAINST THE GALE Lyrics: These are the hours where our souls are tested Their resolve weakens While the storm strengthens I won't share in their dismal fate As time passes the pressure intensifies to just give in To be swept over and down to never return again Tattered and torn Taken by the wind Frantic hands grasp to pull me under with them The waves, the rocks, the tower on the shore The light shines through the dark Steer by it and be sure against the gale Hold fast Committed for life With my skeleton crew We will last even through this night Hold fast the faithful.

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