Saturday, January 19, 2013

Strife - Rebirth!

The vegan straight edge is all about consistence; without it, we show that our stand was not solid and we also give the whole movement a bad name through being a bad example ourselves. However, the vegan straight edge is also about tolerance. Who can say how long each of us will last despite our for life pledges? Who are we to criticize the people and the bands who laid down the foundations of the vegan straight edge movement back in the day?

In my opinion, the return of Strife is one of the best things that happened to hardcore in 2012 (along with the new Bad Brains album!). It is so great to see this legend come back to life with an incredible sound. Undoubtedly, Strife was one of the three most influential vegan straight edge bands of the whole 90s hardcore scene, the other two being Earth Crisis and Snapcase. It really doesn't matter to me if Strife isn't vegan and/or straight edge anymore, because I still get that burning feeling of urgency the early records gave off; the songs in Witness a Rebirth comes straight from the heart with a message of clear-minded thinking. It is just a good hardcore record that gives us lessons in integrity, self-reliance, strength and personal reflection.

Personally, I find that Witness a Rebirth does in fact make me even more proud to be vegan & straight edge, because it expresses a positive mindset that is open to interpretation. 2013's Strife essentially stands for those same values the vegan straight edge represents. In turn, tthis reminds me that hardcore is one big family and that the bands we listen to are like our best friends, making our life just a little bit better with their message and music.

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