Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Talon Conspiracy - Vegan/Animal Liberation zines from the past


As you know, every self-respecting vegan straightedge individual must take the time to educate themselves on veganism, be it becoming a pro on health and nutrition; learning and understanding the principles on ethics, economics and politics behind the vegan stand; or researching the history of the animal rights movement.

I am glad to find there's still people out there who put in the effort to bring back to the surface obscure vegan resources from the past. There is so much shit that is legendary but obscure and hard to find; the militant xveganx nerd in me is always on the hunt.

I recently discovered a haven for such things: The Talon Conspiracy is an awesome and very thorough online information hub on all things vegan and animal liberation. These guys have uploaded a bunch of super important oldschool vegan zines, which you can click and read online.

Check out and support the Talon Conspiracy!

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