Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last night we played live our new, *straight edge* song for the first time, and got a pretty good response from the crowd (250-300 drinkers and 3 edge kids). We also had an anti-drugs leaflet and A. spoke about it briefly before we played the song. He just said a few words about the fact that there are people who actually DON'T drink. Do kids even care about that stuff any more? Or do we just piss them off with our live clean stance? What we discussed with A. after the show is that even if most kids don't dig straight edge at all (for whatever reason), at least there is a presence that represents this lifestyle, that shows that kids like us are here and we are doing our thing. We're letting them know it's here. We gotta be bold, and grab the chance to tell people! STRAIGHT EDGE!

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