Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Straight Edge Means to Me...


Many times I wonder what straight edge really means to me. It's not like I've been edge for such a crazy long time (compared to others) or that I haven't fallen off the edge in the past. It's nothing to be proud of but I'm human and have gone through many difficult phases like everyone else. Nevertheless, I've been edge long enough to talk about the differences it has made in my life. I try to stay connected with what made want to lead a clean life in the first place and try to maintain that without geting too carried away with what it will mean in the long run, or what it means for others, as long as I am having fun staying sober. Every day I deal with society's self destructive ways and peoples' weak, self-denying, addicitve behaviors and in a sense, it s what gives me the strength to remain clean. Maybe in that, I see a side of myself that I don't want to see no more. Every day I deal with the "why don't you drink in moderation like everyone else" and the "a beer or two can't hurt you". But then again  I realize how the stances we take are usually symbolic; they stand for something that is higher than us and this is what words like 'principles' and 'values' represent. I guess I  want to live in a way that is strong and positive and straightforward, and I want to go it all the way, not half-assed. This is just one of the many reasons I don't drink AT ALL and I remain straight edge each consecutive moment.

And this is my testimony. I'm gonna keep it clean and I am going to keep it loud and shout it out!

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