Monday, August 22, 2011

Edge kids: Few and Far Between

Being away on holidays for a few days gave me a chance to reflect on what it is to be straight edge in this world. I was away from my friends who are edge and couldn't spend much time online checking out cool straight edge bands or listen to much straight edge music.

The reality of the matter is that this world is definitely NOT straight edge.. not even straight edge-friendly. We live in a world where the norm is to drink and/or smoke and that's that. And even though I know the aforementioned fact well enough, I always feel it more when I am out of context and away from my familiar surroundings.

Does this mean that I get jaded on being straight edge? Hell no!

What I realize is that people who are vegan and especially straight edge are really few and far between. I am not talking about the straight edge kid who does it for fashion or whatever, but about the true warriors who dedicate their life pledging to and promoting a clean lifestyle. Those who are really living it and are supporting it with passion.

I guess this is the reason why those "few and far between" people tend to create tight friendships no matter the distance or their background. If there is some unspoken brotherhood status to being edge, I am happy to claim it. STRAIGHT EDGE!

* by the way of the post's title I remembered (and listened to a few times) SHUTDOWN's awesome, super old school Few and Far Between album. Straight from the late 90s, real hardcore the way it should be played. If you don't have this classic and consider yourself a hardcore fan, do something to find this album! 

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