Monday, September 5, 2011

The Few, The Proud & The Crucial

So today I did a bit of a revamp on this site, added a new background image and twiddled some other things here and there. I am constantly thinking of ways to better this site and make if a better medium for the vegan straight edge cause.

The above is not always easy, as I do another hardcore music zine (Take Your Shot) and I am just about to start a blog for the site of the vegan shop I am opening with my girlfriend. All that stuff can drain the amounf of things I've got to say sometimes. But still, I am convinced that a creative mind always finds new ways to use already existing things... we'll see.

As things turn out, this seems to become more of a personal blog, about how I see life being Vegan Straight Edge. For me that's ok, because I mean there are so many STRAIGHT EDGE VEGAN logos and banners I can upload up here before it gets boring. But at the same time, I am glad to know that some people have used the stuff I've put up on this site. Some people actually cared enough to distribute the VSXE message (made stickers etc) with stuff they found through Vegan Straight Edge Athens. So all that stuff is still up for the people who may want to use them, and I will continue to upload them from time to time.

What I am even more excited about is the fact that a lot people from Greece are checking this site out. I check the stats so I can verify that. Makes me think that maybe I should start writing in Greek altogether. Even if straight edge is still held in contempt in this country, people out there are at least interested and/or curious about sXe and veganism... So know that we're not going away!

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