Friday, September 16, 2011

My Vegan Priority

Sometimes it seems like the thing to do is take the easy way out: eat crap, get wasted, work oneself to death, be a dick, care only about our self. That is what pretty much everyone else is doing and maybe that is why we live in a world like this.

I think that veganism and straight edge to a great extent have to do with priorities that become our life. We can always (and have the right to) choose what is bad, because for some reason , what is wrong is also easy. Only the stuff that are good and right are hard to do.

Maintainng a good vegan diet is not always easy when you're on the run, working long hours, not having enough time to plan your meals etc. Modern life is not designed for vegans. On the other hand, in a way veganism is designed for modern life: it is like an antidote for the crazy pace that goes on. Being vegan is totally more worth it when you live in a mad place like this (Athens for me, put your city here ________ ).

The way we live and what we put in out bodies definitely affects how we feel in everyday life. It is good to know you can depend on yourself to take care of yourself. It is good to know you can rely on yourself to find the stuff that will make you healthier and last more in this task we have... to stay alive and be well.

And this is just one more reason why I've been following the vegan straight edge lifestyle.

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