Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Constant

In this life, everyone needs a constant to hang on to and to use as a base and a source of strength. It can be family, friends, religion, material gratification, or even all of those things combined. More or less, most people chose the above. But strength can also come from a philospophy and a way of life. In a life where everything changes and you don't even know whether this very day is going to be your last, I am so glad I have found sraight edge to depend on. As the days, events and memories pile on, it feels awesome to have dealt with all in a sincere and unprejuidced way, with no crutches whatsoever. Shit happens of course, and not every day is filled with success, but I know I have straight edge to rely on: a bedrock of sober thought that guides the light through the dark tunnel that we call life...

Thank god for Casey Jones, representing straight edge hard in the 2010s... "I am these words so fuck you!"

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