Thursday, February 2, 2012

Universally Brainwashed: A Fact

Every person living in the western world is formed under the great pressures of constant institutionalization and brainwashing. But, like all good brainwashing, it is so that the very fact escapes us. It is so embedded in our characters that we don't notice. It's finally up to each individual to search inside themselves, find and uproot the preconceived notions about the world, theirselves and how they should act (from social behavior to eating habits and sexual orientation). All we know, we've been tought. How long can our thoughts go against our natural self, our feelings? De-program!


  1. you know what, the best part about brain washing is that have us all. even YOU. You think that by bashing the tv you are being different, by going out and doing other stuff. That is exactly what THEY want. THEY want YOU outside so they can monitor you on their fucking security cameras. At least in your own home they cant monitor what you do or what you say.

  2. You are right in a way, we are all brainwashed, but at least you can try and do SOMETHING to break away. TV is not the only means of brainwashing I was thinking of. It's also the schools and the shitty preconsumptions our parents taught us. And what did they tell us, that going out and stepping out and being deviant is wrong and punishable. In a way, the process of socialization (or education) is what has made us another sheep in the herd (not to sound speciesist or anything).

    p.s. and in our homes don't forget that they can monitor us by our computers.