Friday, June 8, 2012

1 Year of Athens VSXE Blog

I just realized that this blog has been running for a bit more than a year. A whole year! In this time, I got negatively criticized, laughed at, discredited, had some posts stolen and presented as another person's, but also got some nice remarks from people all around the world. The blog hits have been pretty good too. I just feel a bit psyched because this blog marks many of my everyday battles in life, and how I've been relying on veganism & the straight edge for strength and inspiration. It's a wild ride.

So yes, we should celebrate for our choices and for sticking to them. Since I'm in this all mushy mood, I guess I should post something relevant. Title Fight might not carry the straight edge tag necessarily, but from what I know they are made up from edge members. I mean... whatever!

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