Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chill Out Bro

This is perhaps one of the most productive but also most stressful periods in my life.

In about two weeks we are finally opening our vegan shop with my girlfriend, which is awesome, but I am so stressed about everything going right. And of course I am also busy with preparing for our record release party/show, and getting ready to leave on tour in about 20 days. It's just crazy.

So what can be the antidote to all this hyper-activity and instability? Well, just take things easy and let them roll. I am so glad I have this straight edge attitude on this; just look forward, look ahead, plan and be safe.

When I have free time, waiting for everything to come together, all I pretty much do is get busy with hardcore. Which is how I like it. Just write on my blogs, listen to new music, do the new Straight Edge Greece thing on tumblr (along with Nick from xFNx), and of course spend time with my girlfriend, cat, friends and family.

What else is there to do? Smoke weed? Fuck no! Stay safe everyone!!! XXX

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