Monday, August 6, 2012

Naj One - "My Story" (& Foeknawledge DL)

I know from talking to some of you that most people who come here for music are all about the 'core. However, I want to tell you, I want to convince you even, to check some good old vegan straight edge hip hop like Naj One. He is a guy who went through homelessness, drug addiction and jail to become one of the most prolific drug free & vegan rappers in the world.

Naj One released Foeknawledge in 2005 through New Eden records. The album is filled with old school hip hop with excellent, spiritual, socially aware, vegan sXe lyrics. If you're into this type of message, Naj One must remain on your mp3 player, as he is one of the fathers of vegan sXe hip hop.

I don't think you can find to buy this record so easily. I got a download link for it though.


  1. One of my favorite cds of all time...

    1. it's becoming one of mine too i think.. :)