Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random XVX negativity (& a Drop Dead song)

I haven't posted much here during August's second half. But one thing is for sure, in my life I'm just as adamant in my convictions and dedicated to the vegan straight edge as I have ever been. It's just that the enthusiasm about writing/blogging comes and goes in circles. It just goes like that.

Sometimes I think that doing blogs and zines is nothing but a mere cultural expression in regard to the vegan xxx cause. I mean, it hardly changes anything, it hardly impresses anyone in this forsaken, cold world. The people who are into it just want to see tattoos and Iphone fucking pix taken in the mirror. XVX patches, "Liberate" patches and all that crap. Yes, I'm kind of let down with the kind of people I've met in this scene. That's why sometimes I tend to say "fuck it" and just want to hide underground. Just keep myself pure, locked in the fight for what's right. And that, I have already.

And now take 42  seconds of crusty powerviolence, you fucks!

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