Friday, November 18, 2011

7 GENERATIONS - In their own words

7 Generations is one of the most legendary - and committed - vegan straight edge bands in the history of hardcore. They were away for a long time and reunited in 2009. Their latest record is out on New Eden records. The column below comes from the record label's artist page. Please read.

Our entire community is overrun by self-aggrandizing individuals attempting to make more of themselves than can be truthfully maintained. If nothing else, in this moment, let us be honest with one another. Music does not change the world, however it can change the individual and that is what 7 Generations is. 7 Generations is an attempt on behalf of five individuals to express their angst, frustrations, ideas and hope. In doing so 7 Generations seeks to create moments within the hardcore community in which we can express these aspects of ourselves and share these moments with individuals who desire an outlet for their own expression of similar emotions, or perhaps individuals awaiting a recognition of these feelings within themselves. In hardcore we have seen a forum through which individuals can express, inspire, create and grow. This is what 7 Generations endeavors to partake in and enhance. It is central to our perspective that hardcore is legitimate and alive only when it is independent and ever-questioning. As such, 7 Generations maintains a D.I.Y. ethic and encourages the rejection of the mainstream music industry and mainstream mentalities. 

We embrace veganism and the struggle for animal liberation, because needless slaughter and brutality is unjustifiable and the consequences are far too destructive. We live a straightedge lifestyle, because escapism subordinates growth, edification and fulfillment. We align ourselves with the cause of feminism and womyn’s liberation, because patriarchy is a ubiquitous oppression that is one and the same with other objectifying bigotries such as racism and speciesism. We are anti-christs, because Abrahamic Religion has been the face of horrible death for far too many and we reject the fundamental myths that theism is built upon. We are anarchists, because we recognize the lineage of history as a story of mass power structures time and again forsaking autonomous existence.

We have no delusions of our band holding some grandiose purpose that will have an impact on the world. We do not expect to become a cornerstone of punk rock history. We are simply five individuals who are thoroughly discontent with many aspects of civilization and we are attempting to vent our anger and share our hope with anyone willing.

“When we can’t dream any longer, we die.”- Emma Goldman

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