Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meat really IS murder

Morrissey is the kind of person who people either love or hate, as his rocky presence in music has shown. I personally think he is one of the few persons who has utilized his celebrity status correctly, to promote animal rights.

Morrissey has been backing his animal rights convictions for more than 25 years (at least since the 1985 Smiths album Meat is Murder). He's spoken for and promoted Peta way before it was the right thing to do and in a sense he is a trend setter for musicians doing the whole animal rights thing. I think he's done a hell of a lot to support veganism and bring it forth in music and as a lyrical theme. PLUS, he is a hardcore fan and pretty much straight edge... In fact, back in the day it was a common thing for HC kids to be into Morrissey (maybe still is?)

At the end of the day... the message remains the same.

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  1. Hello, I really enjoy your blog!
    I have a question that may sound dumb:
    Do you know if Morrissey is vegan? I always thought so, but then I read somewhere he isn't, then I did some research, but I found no satisfying answer.
    I mean I really loved Morrissey, and reading he isn't vegan left me really sad and disillusioned, all the things he promotes, and then this... But perhaps you have better sources, I really hope so!
    Thank you in advance, keep up the great work and stay true,
    beste wishes from Germany,
    Chris XVX